Brief BIO About Captain Dane-O

 At age 15 Dane-O started singing in his friends band.  Already having a deep love for music. He quickly discovered that he had a greater passion for making music.


 A few years later the band shrunk from a quartet to a trio. At which point he

begun to play guitar and use turntables as an effect.


 A few years later the band shrunk again to a duo. Dane-O started playing an 8-string hybrid guitar that has 3 bass and 5 guitar strings.


 Shortly after he found himself on his own. Playing with a musician here and there.

He quickly discovered the turntables provided intricate rhythms.

The 8-string give the melody's and grit.

The mic give an expressive outlet.


 Armed with the live band experience and an unorthodox arsenal of toys.

He set out on a voyage to make music.


 Monster in the Addict is the debut album by Captain Dane-O.

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